Freight Forwarding Notes: 4 Ways to Keep International Cargoes Secured

It has been observed that the freight forwarding companies  play a great role as transporters of almost all goods that we need in our day to day living. From the luxurious and  expensive international stuff up to the local goods that foreigners admire, both national and international shipping companies serve as an avenue to the proper transit of these goods to their destination. With the possibilities of mishandling and damaged issues when handling heavy cargoes, it is a must for freight forwarding companies to strengthen their expertise in inspections,packaging and handling of both parcels and cargoes. To give you an overview on the basic things that they check before shipment, check out some of their disclosed tasks to maintain an impressive service.

1. They keep them pressure proof

Large items that are bound for international shipment should be kept secured from several handling pressures to make sure that its contents will never be broken or destroyed upon arrival and delivery. It is a fact that these heavy stuff will definitely be carried by heavy equipment such as forklift so apart from clients responsibility to find durable packaging for the items, the accepting company, which in this case is the freight forwarding agent, should inspect the package prior to loading. 

2.   They make sure that the package is palletized or created

Palletize and crating are two common terms that are usually offered by freight forwarders to improve the structural security of the items for shipping. These two previously stated terms typically pertain to the act of utilizing plane (flat) structures in order to protect the cargoes from falling during the transportation. Over the years, freight forwarding related businesses have used this technique because they believe that pallets and crates are the surest way to safely transport cargoes.

3.  They see to it that parcels are free from empty spaces 

When a client sends a boxed package for international shipment, the accepting freight forwarding staff makes it a point that the box is tightly packed to make sure that damages will not happen during the travel. The principle behind this is that boxes with few items without fillers to fill in the spaces could be knocked side to side as the vessel moves. If this happens, a great chance of damage to the parcel may happen. 

4. They double check the taping and packaging

I Would like to reiterate that it is the responsibility of freight forwarding staff to make sure that the cargo or parcel is properly packed and sealed. As a matter of fact, inspectors will always check the durability of the box that is used for shipping as well as the manner of sealing it. Sometimes, freight forwarding companies would require the use of super adhesive tapes around the box to make sure that it won’t be opened during the transit.


Though it is the primary role of a client to make sure that the package is properly packed and sealed prior to shipping, it is also the role of freight forwarding inspector to inspect and double check the security of both local and internationally shipped cargoes to ensure quality and safe delivery of the item.

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