Door to Door Delivery

Have you ever wished to evade yourself from the hassles of picking up and carrying a delivered package? Door to door services  might just be the answer to your wish.Such service is usually offered by  shipping and logistics agencies to lessen the client's burden. In particular, this method of shipping and delivery guarantees that a shipped product reaches its receiver straight to the given address. This is very different from door-to-port or port-to-port deliveries which in most cases is offered at a lesser price because it requires lesser manpower and logistics to do the job.

Parcels,cargoes and packages for door to door couriers in the Philippines require securing permits and thorough inspection of goods prior to the approval of release cargo. Thus, shipping and logistics services do the following:

door to door delivery services philippines

1.Pick up and transportation

Once a request is sent to the logistics and shipping agent, the goods for shipping and delivery is prepared and packed by the client so it will be ready for pick up and transportation. In this process, the agency deploys staff along with a vehicle to pick up the package.

2. Paperworks

Permits and clearances are usually processed prior to the shipping of the packages. For international freights, it is the responsibility of the shipping and logistics company to prepare,secure and submit customs related clearances from the country of origin and country of delivery. If the needed documents are well provided and all is clear, this stage will only take 24 hours.

3. Shipping

The shipping of the goods depends upon the client's choice. Some client's opt to transport their goods via land or sea but others would pick air shipping for faster arrival.

4. Arrival of Goods

After a couple of days,weeks or months of transportation, the receiving company needs to make sure that the transported items are in good hands. Once the items have been unloaded from the shipping vehicle, they will be submitted for another checking and evaluation before going out for delivery to the receiving client

5. Delivery to the Receiving Client

The final stage is where the shipping and logistics company finally delivers the items that have arrived. Similar to the pick -up and transportation procedure, the company will load the goods in a delivery vehicle and bring it straight to the door of the receiving client. Once it has arrived in the hands of the receiver, the company will send a notification to the sender indicating a successful door-to-door transaction.

The 5  standard procedure for shipping tells us that SWEN Logistic and Shipping AGENCIES, INC play a very important role in the safe and successful movement of the desired goods to be transported. But one should not merely put the responsibility of safe keeping to the company alone. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango. So prior to the shipment, the client should make sure that the package for transportation is well packed and legal for transport. At the same time, it is also the duty of the sender to  partner with a legit and trusted forwarding company to lessen problems and hassles.

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