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Working on the arrangement of documents for your shipping transactions and clearances is tedious especially when you do things all by yourself. A famous quotation says "No man is an island!" So why torture yourself from deciding which documents would satisfy your clearances when SWEN's brokerage services is just a call away? As a subcategory of SWEn's logistics department, we proudly offer our expertise in the Philippine Brokerage System as attested by our numerous number of clients and business partners. Their positive feedbacks to our services emanates our familiarity with the port restrictions including peculiarities and service providers. Thus, you can count on us in terms of smooth and easy processing of your permits, clearances and documentations for faster and timely shipment.  Give us a word and we will be there to help you.

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Brokerage Philippines: Who is a Customs Broker?

Brokerage Industries in the Philippines have already been existing for many years but only few appreciate its importance in the success of a shipping and logistics transaction because only few individuals understand the process and the job of Philippines customs brokers. At this juncture, we shall discuss elementary brokerage concepts by identifying who is a customs broker and the role that they play in the effective delivery of Philippine shipping and logistics services.


The Customs Broker

Dictionaries define brokers as third party individuals or companies that facilitate certain transactions on behalf of a client. In the shipping and logistics industry, a customs broker is someone who facilitates an export or import shipping transaction with the customs. As a facilitator, customs brokers work as a representative of their clients to any appointment with the customs. At the same time, they also work on the preparation of documents that are necessary for securing customs clearances. Overall,  a Philippine customs broker's job is to oversee the smooth flow of the shipment by following the set of rules that are prescribed by the customs including the preparation of documents that are needed for the approval of clearances.

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Who Should Avail  Customs Brokerage Services ?

Customs Brokers in the Philippines are ideally helpful for businesses that are into the import and export industries. Most of the companies that are involved in the previously mentioned business venture usually deal with international markets thereby establishing international contacts. Within the business process, the goods that are submitted for import and export transactions would necessarily go through customs scrutiny prior to the approval of the shipping. Because of this, most businesses that concern shipping of imported and exported goods would find it advantageous if they hire  Philippines customs brokers to ensure an easeless customs transaction. Below is a list of 3 businesses that  typically require Philippine customs brokerage services.

1. Car Businesses

As per research, several car businesses in the Philippines take advantage of the smooth business relationship between Philippine and foreign car markets. Because of this observation, it was noted that there has been a steady increase in the supply of used and new imported cars in the country and this paved the way for the car selling industries to cope up with the public's increasing demand for imported automobiles.

2. Petroleum Companies

Since our country has been experiencing issues in the delay of petroleum exploration within the Philippines, we have been continuously relying on the supply of refined petroleum products from oil exporting countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia.

3. Electronic Products Companies

It may sound unbelievable but the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry has disclosed that electronic product importation in the country has contributed  53% of the total revenue for exported goods in the Philippines and this number is expected to continuously increase as time passes by.


You may have noticed that the three industries that we have mentioned in this article are the ones that play a great role or contribution in the country's exporting and importing transactions. This therefore tells us that the role of Philippine brokerage industries  in the successful fulfillment of the transactions for the import/export business firms is undeniably important.