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Established in August 2017 by seasoned Operations Officers with over 30 years of industry experience, Swen Logistics is your trusted partner for seamless global trade. With a focus on excellence and an abundance of expertise, we offer a comprehensive array of services tailored to meet your logistical needs:

Freight Forwarding: Swen excels in international freight forwarding, providing expert logistics solutions for global cargo movement with reliability, precision, and unwavering commitment.

Domestic Forwarding: We provide efficient domestic freight forwarding services, ensuring secure and timely transportation of goods across the country with professionalism and proficiency.

Customs Brokerage: Swen offers comprehensive customs brokerage services, streamlining international trade with expert knowledge, meticulous attention to detail, and seamless customs clearance solutions.

Door-to-Door Delivery: Our company specializes in hassle-free door-to-door delivery services, ensuring secure and timely transportation of goods from pick-up to the final destination with efficiency and reliability.

Packing & Crating: Swen delivers expert packing and crating services, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of goods with precision, care, and tailored solutions for diverse needs.

Warehousing: We provide adaptable warehousing solutions, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and inventory systems to efficiently accommodate various storage requirements while ensuring security and flexibility.

Project Cargo: Our expertise lies in project cargo handling, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of oversized, heavy, or complex shipments worldwide with precision and reliability.

Vessel Agency: Swen offers comprehensive vessel husbandry services, supporting vessels during port calls with efficient coordination, provisioning, bunkering, and logistics management for seamless maritime activities.

Ship's Spares Delivery: Swen specializes in ships spares handling and delivery, ensuring timely and reliable transportation of critical components to vessels worldwide with efficiency and expertise.

Swen Insurance: Our insurance solutions provide comprehensive coverage, safeguarding clients' assets and operations with tailored policies, expert risk assessment, and reliable protection against unforeseen events.

At Swen Logistics, we're committed to simplifying your logistical challenges and ensuring the success of your global operations. Partner with us for unmatched service and expertise in the industry.


We at SWEN consider our clients as  partners in the business. We treat everyone with utmost respect and excellent delivery of services that respond to your

Our clients are our topmost priority so you can count on us because you are our invaluable partner for your logistics preferences.  We vow excellent freight forwarding including door-to-door domestic and international deliveries with the aid of our extensive network of agents  who can promptly respond to inquiries and requests for the possible movement of packages and cargoes of all size and specifications. Since we have an adequate pool of experienced and trained staff, we give you our assurance that you can expect a timely and safe arrival of the cargoes  that you have entrusted to us.There's no need for second thoughts! We are very eager to hear from you, so please give us a message.

6 Qualities of a Reliable Logistics agency in the Philippines 

It has been observed that the Logistics and Shipping Industry in the Philippines is booming. Because of this, clients find it difficult to identify which among the many Philippine Logistics Agencies are reliable. Here are some of the qualities that you can check to prove the reliability and trustworthiness of the company or agency.

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1. Number of years in the industry

Logically speaking, a Philippine logistic and shipping agency's number of years in the industry defines their experience and financial stability in the business. We all know that it is difficult to maintain a business in the Philippines for a long period of time if you do not have enough funds to support finances for renewal of licenses and accreditation,salaries and even insurance.


2. Effectiveness of Human Resource

A reliable Philippine logistics agency is something that has a pool of effective manpower to perform their duties in order to realize the company's mission,vision and goals. Contrary to the belief of many individuals, the number of employees does not define the effectiveness of human resources. Even small companies with limited hours can have effective employees provided the staff is able to meet the demands of their client. It also pays if the employees have a good track record and experience in the service.

3. Justifiable Rates

A reliable logistics company provides rates based on the needs of the customer. By providing personalized rates to the clients, the logistics agency is helping to sketch out the most cost-beneficial management of the supply operations.

4. Updated Technology

An effective logistics agency possesses equipment of gadgets that have updated technology.These technologies give them an edge over competitors and it helps provide easier and faster delivery of service through automated processes, tracking results and catching errors.

5. Wide pool of linkages

In order to fulfill the demands and needs of the customer in the fastest possible time, logistics agencies need to have connections or linkages that can help them deliver their services faster.These connections serve back up when the need arises.

6. Good liaising skills

Philippine Logistics companies need to have good liaising skills. They have to make sure that they utilize their linkages to ensure a fast and timely arrival and delivery of items. Part of liaising is also having staff who are equipped with excellent communication skills as they help establish good customer relations.


Due to the strong competition among logistics agencies in the Philippines, clients are advised to be vigilant and observant to the various procedures and practices that are done by their agencies. As an advice, clients should not merely rely on what they see on advertisements and posters. It pays to do some background check on your prospective logistics company as they play a major role in the effective delivery of your business. One of the best ways to conduct background checking is to see if they are recognized by the government. You can check on their