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SWEN, the best domestic shipping and logistics provider in the Philippines, is determined to respond to the need to address issues on Supply Chain Management or SCM disruption. Armed with the adherence to our company mission,vision and goals, SWEN keeps its crown as the most reliable freight forwarder in the Philippines. Because of this, we understand that every business requires a significant amount of added investment in order to be on top.

Thus, it is very necessary to employ the right partner towards reaching your target market and withstand the increasing stiffness of competition.

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As a trusted partner in the business, SWEN guarantees safe and timely arrival of goods in their destination area with the help of our staff who are expert in their freight handling,coordinating and shipping skills.

3 Roles of Freight Forwarders in the Philippines

The population of Freight forwarding businesses in the Philippines is continuously increasing because of the observable influx of import export transactions. Statistically speaking, the 2016 survey tells us that freight forwarders in the Philippines had the highest number of establishments with 600 or 21.0 percent of the total establishments for the transportation and storage sector. The digits therefore tell us that such a form of business is highly appreciated and potentially patronized by the Filipinos. But do freight forwarders do and how do they help us with our day to day living? Here are 3 functions of freight forwarders to help you understand the nature and scope of the business.


What are freight forwarders?

Philippine Freight forwarders could be an individual or a whole company.These companies or people have developed their expertise to look after and manage the transfer of the goods and products for exporters and importers. Moreover they are also in charge of arranging the process of cargo transportation via domestic or international transportation. In particular they cater arranging to ship, preparing documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, and delivery of the product. In a much simpler sense, freight forwarders in the Philippines are like travel agents who are responsible for the arrangement of logistics before,during and after the client reaches the destination area.

 3 Roles of Freight Forwarders

1.Preparing the Freight for Shipping

While the client's primary role is to make sure that the shipped goods are properly packed prior to the handling of the freight forwarding company, the staff needs to make sure that every item is packed to withstand the movement. Thus, these individuals help prepare the product or freight by designating their location and arrangement in the carrier. In order to create a good plan for shipping, freight forwarders consider the complexity of the goods and the distance for the travel and the type of carrier.

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2. Labeling the Products

Goods that need to be transported from one place to another need to be properly labelled so they would be placed in an area with appropriate environment  or set up. Also part of proper labeling is making sure that the label is properly posted on the cargo or freight itself. It is therefore the freight forwarders job to make sure that label won't fall off during shipping and handling.

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3. Arranging the documents

This job is supposedly taken care of by the brokerage service team if the company has a different team for permits and documenting. Although for starting freight forwarders, front line staff can also do this task. In a typical international shipping transaction, freight forwarders need to make sure that they have documents such as contract between the owner and carrier, Commercial invoice, Proof of Origin, Certificate of Inspection, License to ship and packing list.


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Since Philippine Freight Forwarding Industry is booming these days, everyone should be aware of the fact that a successful movement of freight from point of origin up to its destination is dependent on the cooperation between the client and the company. It is the initial role of the client to make sure that an item for shipping is properly packed,labelled and documented. The  company on the other hand also needs to double check the package and troubleshoot any missed elements in the process.