Project Cargo

Project Cargo Shipment Execution in the Philippines 

Whether shipping nationally or internationally, large, heavy, high value, or complex pieces of equipment may seem challenging to most clients because they need to carefully pick the right service for this type of transport. Obviously, project cargo shipment is the most suitable means since this shipping method is executed with detailed engineering principles for a guaranteed safe transport of goods. Since project cargo is the widely used method for transferring highly valuable goods in the Philippines, cargo shipping and logistics companies therefore need to design an efficient plan to lessen if not eliminate dangers.

Project Cargo Execution

Forwarding highly sensitive goods such as oil, gas, even chemicals and  massive materials such as heavy metal equipment or finished and fabricated products  such as furniture and even steel bars for construction is not as simple as sending non sensitive goods such as general merchandise. Bear in mind that project cargo execution must go through the following stages prior to movement.

1.Pre planning stage

As an initial stage, cargo shipping staff should have the responsibility to make sure that the package does not go beyond expenses for transportation, duties, and taxes. This means that at this stage, companies should have a detailed projection of the overall expenses for the shipment. At the same time, staff should also be able to provide important insights into the cargo design process, routing options based on the cargo size and finding the most preferred option for final delivery.

2. Hunting Stage

This stage is about the search for the most appropriate transportation provider. The hunting stage is one of the most crucial  stages of the project cargo execution since the result of the delivered item could be influenced by the choice of transportation provider. We suggest searching for transportation providers that have a quality engineering team to take charge of technical handling and safety

3. Devising Contingency Plans

No matter how much you wish to ensure a hassle free transaction, you always have to make room for emergency situations. This is where contingency plans or emergency back-up is needed.

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4. Final Touches

Similar to other shipping and logistics transactions the Philippines  project cargo shipment naturally needs thorough evaluation and inspection prior to the release for shipment. In this stage, staff are expected to track the whereabouts of the cargo and analyze if  the documents were properly processed and security protocols are observed. In some companies, part of the finishing touches stage is conduct of service assessment surveys to be accomplished both by the sender and the receiver of the shipped item. The result of these surveys will serve as a basis to enhance the services of a company.



Heavy  goods and merchandise such as oil, furniture, steel bars, heavy metal equipment  and other resources require fast and safe transportation. Over the years, several businessmen opt to move these items within the country and around the globe via project cargo shipment simply because of the fact that this manner of shipment follows a strictly monitored procedure prior to shipment and delivery. Among these procedures that we are referring to involve sensible and effective planning, safe transportation with the help of engineering staff and  strict monitoring and tracking immediate execution of contingency plans when the need arises.

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