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6 Vessel Agency Philippines Update from Marina

Since its establishment in  1974 Marina has continuously performed its task in the supervision of the transactions made by the maritime industry in the country. Just last Februare 15,2021, the agency has issued an update indicating some changes in accreditation rules for Vessel Agency Philippines. So for the information of every concerned individual, here is a brief discussion on the changes that were incorporated in the updated rules.


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1.Coverage of this updated rule

The newly updated policy covers the accreditation of some maritime businesses such as  agencies that are involved in trading and import of accessory boats, recreational crops as well as marine spare parts. In this new rule, maritime industry has expanded its coverage to other ventures

2. The expanded enterprise coverage 

With Marina's expansion of maritime enterprise, the following businesses belong to this field: ship management,ship agency,multimodal transport operation, shipping lines or shipping companies,ship husbanding, and other businesses such as customs clearancing, crew transfers, freight forwarding etc.

3.Accreditation for Maritime Enterprise

Those who are included in the updated list of maritime enterprises except those that have a separate accreditation from Marina should be accredited under MC-DS-2020-02. Meanwhile domestic shipping businesses  fall under the CMC 2006-03.

4. Certificate of Accreditation

The certificate of accreditation for each registered company is going to be re issued in case of changes or amendments in the company name. However, in case of a change in the list of incorporators, and board of directors, the company needs to notify Marina but reissuance of Certificate of Accreditation is no longer required.

5. Ownership of a business

Marina is already definite that an applicant for accreditation must be both a Filipino and a permanent resident of the country. Commercial Partnerships on the other hand must be wholly owned by Filipino citizens. For corporations, Marina directs that 60% of the capital should be owned by Filipino citizens.

6. Fees

Payments for the CA issuance have become higher by Php 6,000 (six thousand pesos). This means that the original Php 5,000 for CA has become Php 11,000 for corporations and partnership. If you solely own the business CA payment will only cost you (Php 7600).


These updates coming from Marina typically concerns vessel agencies. Since Marina is a regulating body for maritime businesses, it is a must for every vessel agency Philippines management to ensure that they keep themselves updated with announcements such as our topic and they should immediately comply with it to avoid hassles.